What are the highlights of TANF?

Work Requirements

  • Single parents are required to participate in work activities for at least 30 hours per week. Two-parent families must participate in work activities 35 or 55 hours a week, depending upon circumstances
  • Failure to participate in work requirements can result in a reduction or termination of benefits to the family
  • States cannot penalize single parents with a child under six for failing to meet work requirements if they cannot find adequate child care

Five-year Time Limit

Families with an adult who has received federally funded assistance for a total of five years (or less at state option) are not eligible for cash aid under the TANF program.

Personal Employability Plans

  • States must make an initial assessment of a recipient's skills
  • States may develop personal responsibility plans for each recipient to identify the education, training, and job placement services needed to move into the workforce

Teen Parent Requirements

  • Unmarried minor parents must participate in educational and training activities and live with a responsible adult or in an adult-supervised setting in order to receive assistance
  • States are responsible for assisting in locating adult-supervised settings for teens who can live at home

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1. What are the purposes of TANF?
2. What are the highlights of TANF?
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