What can MCARC or the police do?
  • Catch and contain the dog.
  • Interview witnesses and gather evidence to determine if citations should be issued to the dog's owner.
  • Determine whether the dog should be designated a nuisance, dangerous, or vicious dog. These designations are defined by Ohio law in the Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C.) and may result in special licensing and containment requirements being placed upon the dog's owner. In general, a nuisance dog is a dog that has acted in a menacing way but has not bitten anyone. A dangerous dog is a dog that has caused physical harm to a person, or killed another dog. A vicious dog is a dog that has caused serious physical harm to, or caused the death of a person.
  • If a designation is appropriate, the officer will complete a designation form to give to the dog's owner. The form will explain what the designation means and the dog owner's rights and obligations.

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2. What can MCARC or the police do?
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