Why is Montgomery County selling tax liens?

Montgomery County property owners have an obligation to pay Property Taxes. Property Taxes are an important funding source for local schools and governments. 

Property owners who do not pay their taxes pass this responsibility to those who do pay their taxes. The Tax Lien Sale provides immediate funding of past due tax dollars to the agencies like schools and local governments that rely on property tax funds to operate.

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1. Why is Montgomery County selling tax liens?
2. What is a tax lien?
3. Can I pay the back taxes I owe before a lien is sold on my property?
4. What is a payment plan?
5. How much do I owe?
6. What do I need to bring to make a payment plan?
7. How do I calculate my 20% down payment?
8. If a lien is sold on my property, am I going to lose my property?
9. Who bought my tax lien?
10. How do I make payments towards my tax lien after it is sold?
11. What happens if I do not pay the lien holder?
12. Do I need to make payments on both my tax lien and my future property taxes?
13. How do I pay my current taxes after a lien was sold?