I received a tax bill but my mortgage company pays my taxes. What do I do?

Contact your mortgage company to make them aware that you received a copy of your tax bill. If they are responsible for paying your tax bill, they will request a copy from our office and pay the taxes.

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1. When are taxes due?
2. How do I pay my real estate taxes?
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4. Why did my taxes increase?
5. Can I pay my taxes monthly?
6. Why am I being billed for last year's property taxes this year?
7. What is the charge to pay my taxes by credit/debit cards or electronic check?
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9. I do not understand my tax bill. Can you explain it to me?
10. When will I receive my new Prepayment coupons?
11. I received a tax bill but my mortgage company pays my taxes. What do I do?
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13. My property value decreased, but my taxes increased. Why is this?
14. Is there a discount for paying my taxes in full for the year?
15. I would like an explanation of how my tax dollars are being distributed. Could you explain this to me?
16. How do I find out how much I paid in real estate taxes so that I can itemize this expense on my Federal Income Tax filing?
17. I can't pay my taxes by the due date. Are there any programs available to help me pay my tax bill?
18. How much penalty will I receive if I do not pay by the due date?
19. When will I receive my new Delinquent Payment Plan coupons?
20. Why does the Treasurer's Office sell tax liens?
21. How do I know if my lien was released?
22. How do I make payments on my tax lien after it is sold?
23. What is the Semi-Annual Property Charge?
24. What is the Homestead Reduction Program?