How did the Recorder's office get started?

The Recorder's function began in the Northwest Territory during the 1790s. In 1803, the Ohio General Assembly established the Recorder as a mandated county office. Initially appointed by the associate judges of the Common Pleas Court, the County Recorder became an elective position in 1829. The Recorder presently serves a four-year term.

Under the mandates of the Ohio Revised Code, the Recorder records and preserves many of the citizen's legal rights and the heritage of our community. The County Recorder's primary responsibility is maintaining the chain of title to real estate by the recording of all deeds, mortgages, and conveyances of land and buildings within the county. Other duties assigned to the County Recorder include the recording of plats, powers of attorney, mechanics liens, military discharges, leases, and financing statements. Copies of records and responding to public inquiries are vital services provided daily.

Montgomery County records are indexed on the county's computer system the day they are received. The documents are then microfilmed, imaged, and returned to the appropriate parties. The computer index, microfilmed document, and online images thus become the official record, providing a 98% space savings, faster retrieval, and an off-site security copy.

The computerized tract index (real estate description index) is one of the few in-house systems for tract indexing in the country and has received a Distinguished Achievement award from the National Association of Counties for this innovative system.

Montgomery County has a land area of 463 miles, a population of 559,062, and approximately 230,000 parcels of property. While all 88 of Ohio's County Recorders operate within the framework of the Ohio Revised Code, each Recorder's Office maintains records in a unique manner.

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