Where do I get a Vendor's License?

The Auditor's Office issues only the County Vendor's License for businesses located at a fixed location within Montgomery County. The County Vendor's License can be obtained at the Montgomery County Auditor's Office at 451 W Third Street, 1st Floor, Dayton, Ohio 45422. You can also use the Vendor's Application link below to fill out the application and either bring or mail it to our office with a check for $25, which is a one-time fee as long as your business stays within the county. If you should move your business to another county, contact the County Auditor in the new county to purchase another Vendor's License. If you move your business to another address within Montgomery County, the Ohio Department of Taxation can be notified with the Business Address Update Form. The Auditor's Office can be reached regarding County Vendor's Licenses at 937-225-4314.

Please be advised: Any vendor's license paperwork brought in after 4 pm will be processed the next business day. We will either mail the license to your business address or you can pick up the license the following business day.

Transient Vendor's Licenses are also $25 and are issued by the State of Ohio Department of Taxation. They are available only online or by calling 888-405-4089. To get a form or file online, Sales and Use Tax Site.

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6. Where do I get a Vendor's License?