What license is required for Internet sales?

Providing the taxpayer maintains one centralized location from which sales are made, a County Vendor’s license should be obtained. The different county rates should still be charged and reported separately on the County Vendor’s license.

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1. What is a “fixed location”?
2. If a taxpayer maintains a fixed location and travels either within the same county or travels to another county for sales at fairs/trade shows/flea markets, etc., which vendor’s license is required?
3. If a taxpayer currently files under a Transient Vendor’s License and then chooses to open a fixed location, how should the taxpayer proceed?
4. What license is required for Internet sales?
5. If a vendor has a Service or Delivery Vendor’s license must they cancel current license(s) and get a new license?
6. Where do I get a Vendor's License?