What is a “fixed location”?

Ohio Revised Code doesn’t specifically define a fixed location, but ORC 5739.17(D) states: “[a location is] not temporary if the same person conducted business at the place continuously for more than six months or occupied the premises as the person’s permanent residence for more than six months, or if the person intends it to be a fixed place of business.”

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1. What is a “fixed location”?
2. If a taxpayer maintains a fixed location and travels either within the same county or travels to another county for sales at fairs/trade shows/flea markets, etc., which vendor’s license is required?
3. If a taxpayer currently files under a Transient Vendor’s License and then chooses to open a fixed location, how should the taxpayer proceed?
4. What license is required for Internet sales?
5. If a vendor has a Service or Delivery Vendor’s license must they cancel current license(s) and get a new license?
6. Where do I get a Vendor's License?