How do I apply for tornado tax relief?

Included with our office's letter is an appeal form and a settlement agreement. The settlement agreement is based on the value that our appraisals have established for your property. Property owners who complete both forms and return them to the Board of Revision are eligible for a partial refund in the property taxes they pay this year, in 2020. By signing the settlement agreement, property owners are able to have their property value lowered without a hearing.

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1. Who is eligible?
2. How do I apply for tornado tax relief?
3. Wait, I have to complete and return two forms? Why?
4. What if I do not agree with the property value in the settlement agreement?
5. If I did not receive a letter from the Auditor’s Office, can I still apply?
6. What is the deadline to apply for the Board Of Revision Tornado Tax Relief program?
7. I have more questions that aren’t answered here! What do I do?