What role does the Ohio Department of Taxation play in this process?

The Ohio Department of Taxation has recommended a 37% average increase in residential property values and a 13% average increase in commercial property values for our 2023 property value update. 

Property owners can expect the countywide average increases to be close to the State’s recommendations because the Tax Commissioner will typically reject proposed values that are not in-line with their request.

It’s the responsibility of the Department of Taxation to standardize property values from county to county, which is why they perform their own analysis and provide recommended value changes that county auditors must meet. 

It’s our responsibility as the Auditor’s Office to make sure our values are fair and equitable in each community and each neighborhood. We perform our own, more detailed analysis, and determine how much to adjust property values in each neighborhood based on recent sales prices in each neighborhood.

Other counties in Ohio also received recommendations from the State for robust residential property value increases this year, most between 32-43%.

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1. What is the status of the county’s real estate market?
2. Why do you have to update property values this year?
3. How much are property values increasing?
4. How do you determine the new property values?
5. What neighborhood is my property in? What sales did you look at when updating my property’s value?
6. What role does the Ohio Department of Taxation play in this process?
7. What is my property’s new value?
8. When will these new values take effect?
9. What can I do if I disagree with my property’s value?
10. How will this property value update impact my property taxes?
11. How will the property value update impact commercial properties?