What will the rate increase fund? How will the money be used?

The 2018 rate increase will generate approximately $13.2 million in revenue, $6 million in water, and $7.2 million in sewer. This money will be used to repair, replace, and upgrade our aging infrastructure. For more information about our current and planned capital investments, visit our capital projects page.

Money generated from the rate increase will be used to replace underground water and sewer lines. The cost to replace just one mile of water mains is about $1 million. We have about 1,400 miles of water mains, and 50% of those mains are 50 years old or older. Newer pipes will experience fewer main breaks, which means reduced maintenance costs, as well as fewer road closures and detours.

The money will also be used to improve the safety and resiliency of our water and sewer system by investing in two major projects:

  1. Replacing the sewer force main that feeds our Western Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
  2. Building a new redundant Water Feed to our south system, which serves 75% of our customers

Finally, some of these funds will be used to maintain our current aboveground assets, such as water towers, pump stations, and wastewater treatment plants.

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