What options do customers have to reduce the impact of rate increases?

A portion of the water and sewer bill has always been based on how much water you use, and that will still account for a substantial portion of the overall bill. Customers can save money by conserving water, which will reduce the amount they pay every quarter. You can visit our webpage for water conservation tips.

If you are a commercial or business customer, you may be able to reduce your costs by downsizing your meter. We allow customers to request a decrease in their meter size, provided the customer and his/her plumbing contractor determine that a smaller meter will meet the building or facility's water usage needs. All plumbing changes and upgrades related to the new meter size must still adhere to current Montgomery County Rules and Regulations and may require permits and inspections of completed plumbing work. All costs associated with upgrading and replacing the meter are the responsibility of the customer. For more information call permits at 937-781-2653.

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4. What options do customers have to reduce the impact of rate increases?
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