I own a business. My rate increase is larger. Why?

Business and commercial customers require more infrastructure and service capacity than residential customers (e.g., water main size, fire suppression needs, and consumption patterns). (See table below.)

In 2018, we will adjust our fixed charges so that business and commercial customers pay the appropriate amount for the larger demand they place on the system. This adjustment will make our charges more equitable. It also means that business and commercial customers will see a larger one-time rate increase in 2018. After 2018, we will have flat percentage rate increases for all customer classes.

Fixed Charges Comparison Commercial vs. Residential Customer

CategoryLarge Healthcare Institution 
Residential Customer 
Annual Water Usage
93,827 CCF
110 CCF
Annual Sewer Usage
71,395 CCF
110 CCF
Meter Size
3-inch Meter
5/8-inch Meter
Water Service Line Size 
4-inch Water Service Line
1-inch Water Service Line
Fire Suppression Needs
14 hydrants
2 hydrants within 200 feet
Flow Test
1,545 GPM
1,200 GPM
Water Main Lines
2,600 feet of 8-inch line
850 feet of 10-inch line
1,200 feet of 12-inch line 
101 feet of 8-inch line

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2. I own a business. My rate increase is larger. Why?
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