How to establish a child support order? How to modify a child support order?

Make a Motions to Modify Child or Spousal Support:

  1. Any motion requesting a change of a child or spousal support order must state the reason for the change. The motion must state whether it is for an increase or decrease of support. All motions requesting modification shall be accompanied by an updated Affidavit of Financial Disclosure (PDF). The party seeking a modification shall provide, at hearing, documentation verifying his/her current earnings and his/her most recent federal tax return with W-2's, 1099's, and supporting schedules.
  2. The opposing party shall file a completed Affidavit of Financial Disclosure (PDF) prior to the hearing.
  3. The moving party shall file an Application for Child Support Service (PDF) pursuant to Mont. D.R. Rule 4.14(D) (PDF)unless one is already on file.

For information on establishing a support order, please see Establishing a Child Support Order Page .

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