Board of County Commissioners


451 W Third Street
11th Floor
Dayton, OH 45422

Link: Board of County Commissioners page

BCC Meetings held on 10th Floor | Room 1001

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bradford, Emily Clerk of Commission 937-225-6491 937-496-6560
Zoeller, Mary Deputy Clerk of Commission 937-224-3653  
Cochran, Abigayl Administrative Assistant 937-225-4690  
Decker, Deb Director of Communications 937-225-4401  
Dodge, Judy County Commissioner 937-225-6470  
Lieberman, Deborah A. Commission President 937-225-4015  
Rice, Carolyn County Commissioner 937-225-4912  

Office of Strategic Initiatives 

117 S. Main Street
5th Floor - Suite 5200
Dayton, OH 45422


Link: Office of Strategic Initiatives Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bradfield, Lee Ann Strategic Initiatives Coordinator    
Carretta, Haley Director    
Claiborne, Ellen Strategic Initiatives Coordinator 937-224-1542  
King, Mike Community Initiatives Manager    
Mubaslat, Lamees DRG Sustainability Manager 937-225-6423  
Newsom, Michael Fatherhood Director 937-225-4759  
Spitler, Joe Criminal Justice Director 937-224-8425  
Weber, Michael Business Operations Analyst