Criminal Justice Council


The Criminal Justice Council (Council) provides leadership in setting goals and priorities for the Montgomery County criminal justice system.  The Council facilitates coordination of local justice agency planning and disseminates information to better support efforts to reduce crime and promote safer communities. The Council provides a forum to consider and resolve common policy and operational issues, thereby enhancing the effectiveness, coordination, and efficiency of all components of the Montgomery County criminal justice system.

Criminal Justice Council Members

  • Chair: Sheriff Rob Streck, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
  • Vice Chair: Chief John Porter, Butler Township Police Department 
  • Executive Director: Joe Spitler, Montgomery County Office of Criminal Justice
  • Chief Kamran Afzal, Dayton Police Department 
  • Deb Armanini, Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office
  • Jimmy Calhoun, Montgomery County Clerk of Courts 
  • Haley Carretta, Montgomery County Office of Strategic Initiatives 
  • Barbara Doseck, City of Dayton  
  • Theresa Haire, Montgomery County Public Defender’s Office 
  • Dr. Kent Harshbarger, Montgomery County Coroner 
  • Honorable Cynthia Heck, Vandalia Municipal Court 
  • Honorable Carl Henderson, Dayton Municipal Court 
  • Joseph Parlette, City of Dayton 
  • Carolyn Rice, Montgomery County Commissioner