Imaging Center

The Imaging Center provides scanning and microfilm services to all Montgomery County offices and agencies. Since its establishment as the Microfilm Center in 1979, the center has converted millions of documents to microfilm images, providing a 98% space savings to the county and improving security and retrieval for vital records.

Beginning in 2003, the Microfilm Center added digital scanning and imaging services and was renamed the Imaging Center. The transition to electronic records provides offices with immediate access to their records through the county's document management system.

However, because the permanence and reliability of electronic records is not yet known, the Imaging Center still relies on microfilm to preserve county records of permanent, historic value. The center operates a certified laboratory for microfilm processing. It maintains a vault that is temperature and humidity controlled, creating conditions that will ensure the county's microfilm is still eye to readable for 300 to 500 years.

The Imaging Center also provides imaging services to outside government agencies. Agencies which take advantage of these services include townships and municipalities within Montgomery County as well as other government entities around the state. The revenue generated by these services is returned to the county's General Fund.

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