Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program

About the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP)

Continuum of Care (CoC) Leads across the country can apply to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP), which comes with:

  • Funding must be used to address youth homelessness.
  • 3 years of technical assistance (TA) to support you throughout the planning and early implementation processes.

The Dayton-Kettering-Montgomery County Continuum of Care (CoC) was selected as one of thirty-three communities across the country to participate in this round of the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP).

We were awarded $1,765,797 toward ending youth homelessness in Montgomery County.

YHDP Objectives

  • Develop a Coordinated Community Plan (CCP).
  • Center and elevate the leadership of young people across the CoC.
  • Expand the capacity and pilot new models of assistance and support for young people.
  • Create and enhance cross-system partnerships.
  • Focus on systems changes to transform how the community works to end youth and young adult homelessness.

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Submission Deadline

The submission deadline is September 23, 2022, at 5 pm.

YHDP Brainstorming Sessions