Forensic Science Internship


The Crime Laboratory will provide, when appropriate, an opportunity for advanced college students (who have completed their junior year of a four-year degree program) who are majoring in forensic science or natural science and have a GPA of 2.8 or above, to perform an internship at the laboratory.

The internship will not be a pure apprenticeship whereby the student learns by hands-on practice and observing techniques. Instead, a portion of the allotted time will be spent rotating throughout the laboratory observing the various disciplines, and the remaining time will be spent on a research project. The project should be one that both the laboratory and student will find beneficial.

The interested student shall submit an application and resume to the Crime Laboratory, with sponsorship through an accepted academic program. The Internship Coordinator, for the laboratory, shall choose the intern from the submitted application, submitted resume, submitted transcript, and a brief interview.

Further Information

  • Student is responsible for all food, lodging, and transportation.
  • Student is not graded by the laboratory.
  • No money compensation is given.
  • Student must be willing to submit to a urine drug screen prior to beginning internship.
  • The intern must read and abide by the guidelines in the Safety Manual.
  • Student is responsible for providing the laboratory with a copy of his final report submitted to sponsoring faculty member.