Imaging Procedures

When arranging for the imaging of records, the office must provide clear instructions on how the records are to be indexed. The Imaging Center can index records in whatever way is most convenient for the office, but it is the office's responsibility to inform the Imaging Center how the records are to be indexed (i.e. by name, by case number, by date, etc.)

The Imaging Center does not store electronic images. Once the records have been imaged and the images have been sent back to the office, it is the office's responsibility to maintain those electronic records.

The Imaging Center prefers to receive and produce.TIFF images, but it can work with a variety of formats, including.PDF,.JPEG, etc.

The Imaging Center recommends OnBase as the retrieval method for electronic images for county offices. CD and electronic drive storages are highly unstable, non-permanent storage methods for electronic government records.

OnBase is operated by Data Processing. All requests to Data Processing for the use of OnBase must be placed by the originating office.