Records Center & Archives

Reading RoomThe Montgomery County Records Center and Archives is located on the 6th floor of the historic Reibold Building. Our mission is to insure that county government records and information resources are both preserved and available for public access. County government records document citizens' legal, property, and personal rights, as well as actions of the government.

The Records Center and Archives provides preservation and storage of the records produced by Montgomery County as well as providing access to those records to the public.

Access to public records is facilitated by the staff in a designated research area. Over 47,000 records locations can be accessed by the staff using a computer-assisted index system. Unlike books in a public library, records may not be browsed or circulated. Public inspection and copying are available within the research area. Rules and procedures are posted to assist researchers.

Records Center Reading RoomResearch requests are accepted if the information supplied in the request is specific enough to allow for a search. Inquiries should include as much information as possible (i.e. the full name of the person to be researched, types of records to be searched, relevant dates to be checked, etc.).

The Montgomery County Records Center and Archives is located on the 6th floor of the Reibold Building at 117 South Main Street in Downtown Dayton, Ohio. The Reibold Building occupies the entire block between 4th Street and 5th Street on Main Street. Enter the Reibold Building through the Main Street entrance. To your left you will three elevators. Use the elevator furthest to the right.  (The elevators to the left are for the use of Adult Probation only. The metal detectors are for the use of their clients only.) Enter the elevator and go to the 6th Floor. When you come off the elevator, you will enter the Public Area of the Records Center and Archives. The front desk will be immediately in front of you. Download Directions (PDF).

Records Available

  • Probate Court Births and Deaths: 1867 to 1908
  • City of Dayton Births and Deaths: 1867 to 1908
  • Marriage Records: 1803 to 1959
  • Divorce Records: 1876 to 1949
  • Wills and Estates: 1803 to 1983 (Index: 1803 to 1938)
  • Deed Records: 1805 to 1933 (Index: 1805 to 1928)
  • Various Court Records: 1803  to 
  • Full list of available records

Who to Call

  • For a birth or death after 1908, please contact the Office of Vital Statistics at: 937-496-3117.
  • For a marriage after 1959, please contact the Montgomery County Probate Court at: 937-225-4640.
  • For a divorce after 1949, please contact the Montgomery County Clerk of Courts at: 937-496-7623.

For further information, please call or write:

Reibold BuildingMontgomery County Records Center and Archives
117 South Main Street
Sixth Floor, Reibold Building
P.O. Box 972
Dayton, Ohio 45422

Historical image of the Reibold BuildingReibold Building

Named after its developer, Louis Napoleon Reibold, the Reibold Building was once the tallest building in the Dayton area at its completion in 1896. The building was built in three phases, hence the differences in ornamentation of its façade. The center portion was completed in 1896, the south annex in 1904, and the north annex in 1914. Aside from being the tallest building in the area until 1904, the Reibold Building also had the first escalators in Dayton, installed in 1934 by the Otis Elevator Company. (Historical Reibold Building photograph, at left, courtesy of the Dayton Metro Library.)