Fees & Documents

View or download a list of types of recorded documents and fees (PDF).

Basic Recording Fee
(Deeds, mortgages, leases powers of attorney, articles of incorporation, amendments, name changes of foreign corporations, mergers)
$34.00 first 2 pages
$8.00 each additional
$4.00 marginal notation fee added to release of mortgages and assignment of mortgages ONLY
Federal Leins
Federal Releases
Bureau of Employment Services Release
Personal Property Tax Release$4.00
Zoning Resolutions
(Zoning Amendments Paperwork)
$20.00 map
$20.00 first page
$8.00 for each additional page
UCC Filings
(Amendments, fixture filings, continuation statements, assignments, partial release prescribed form, non-prescribed form)
$12.00 plus $4.00 per each name indexed
UCC Search$20.00 for search (no fee for findings)
UCC Terminations$12.00 each for terminations on chattel UCC's already on file in the recorder's office. On terminations of UCC's filed against real property, $12.00 plus $4.00 for each name indexed
Photocopies / Fax copies$2.00 per page, $2.00 per page local, $4.00 per page long distance
Certified Copies$2.00 per page plus $1.00 for certification
Plats$0.10 per square inch/ $40.00 minimum