Resident Eligibility

Candidates Must Be

  • Males and females ages eighteen and over.
  • Referred by a Court of Common Pleas or Parole.
  • Eligible for community control sanctions.
  • Eligible per ODRC's ORAS requirements for offenders sentenced to a CBCF as established by the OAC.
  • Assessed to have the cognitive capability and/or the literacy skills needed to process the information presented in the CBT curriculum.
  • Assessed to determine one's motivation for treatment and willingness to abide by the program rules.

Candidates Cannot

  • Have medical problems which would prevent integration into the program (physical inability to participate in the program, acute dental problems, or restricted or cost-prohibitive medications).
  • Have mental health problems or issues which would prevent appropriate interaction.
  • Have detainers of active warrants pending, or be out of jail on an appeal bond.

Former MonDay Residents

  • Successful and unsuccessful completions are eligible to be assessed for readmission.

Note: The referring Courts or Parole will be informed of MonDay's Screening Assessment recommendation.