Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Unfortunately, protecting your financial information isn't as easy as just looking for skimmers on the pump. Credit card skimmers are placed inside the pump, and are almost never visible from the outside. As a consumer, you should not be worried, but you should be cautious and vigilant when at the pump.

Auditor Karl Keith recommends you take the following precautions when filling up:

Pay with Cash

You know what they say, "Cash is King!" Paying with cash inside the gas station is always the safest option when filling up.

Use a Credit Card, not Debit

Paying with cash is the best option, but it is not always the most convenient. If you do choose to use plastic, pay with a credit card rather than a debit card. It is generally easier to remove fraudulent charges from credit cards. If a criminal has your debit card information, they may be able to drain your bank account.

Use Pumps Close to the Station Attendant

Criminals often target the pumps farthest away from the station attendant and away from security cameras. Using the pumps close to the attendant and the building will decrease your chances of being skimmed.

Monitor Bank Accounts Frequently

With online banking and bank mobile phone apps, monitoring your bank accounts has never been easier. You should get in the habit of checking your accounts frequently for fraudulent charges.

If You See Something, Say Something

You should always be alert when filling your tank. If you see someone opening a pump who does not work at the station, or notice anything unusual on the outside of the pump, you should inform the station attendant and call the Weights and Measures department at 937-225-6309. Our Weights and Measures inspectors will follow-up on your report and check the gas station for skimmers.

If You Believe You've Been Skimmed

If you believe your card has been skimmed, the first thing you should do is contact your financial institution and take precautionary measures. Additionally, if you believe you were skimmed at a gas station, please call our Weights and Measures Consumer Hotline at 937-225-6309. Our staff will inspect the gas station and look for skimming devices.

Spot anything suspicious? Contact our Weights and Measures Consumer Hotline at 937-225-6309.