General Information

A resident may receive a total of two personal property boxes during his or her stay. All items must be in a sealed cardboard box with first and last name written clearly on the top and outside of the box with a packing list taped to the top of the box, noting the contents of the box. No alcohol, drugs, profanity, or inappropriate logos on garments. Boxes will be accepted Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (at the Main Entrance, Building 1) Please note: Boxes must be sealed and ready for drop-off prior to entering the lobby. No exceptions.

View, print or download the Personal Property List (PDF).here to obtain more detailed instructions.  

Please do not exceed the quantities listed beside each items on the list above. Unauthorized or excess items will be mailed to the address designated by the resident. The resident will be charged a $20 fee per box for shipping and handling.  

Please Note, Effective March 1, 2019 - We will no longer be accepting money orders or cashier's checks. A Kiosk machine is located in MonDay's lobby for cash and credit card deposits. Kiosk hours are the same as lobby hours, Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  The Kiosk charges a fee and does not accept one-dollar bills.  Prior to using the Kiosk in our lobby, you will need to set up an on-line account at 

Deposits can also be made via the Internet at or by phone at 866-345-1884 and you will need the following information: 

  1. MonDay Community CI, OH
  2. Resident's first and last name and Resident's ID number.  Please call the facility to obtain the Resident's ID Number. 

Residents are limited to $70 per week for commissary purchases.

Contact Information

937-225-5490 (Male Residents) / 937-496-3148 (Female Residents)

Residents Receiving Packages

Each resident is provided with uniforms during his/her orientation phase in the program. After completing the orientation phase of the program (approximately 30 days) the resident will need his/her own clothing. Any time during the resident's stay, he/she may have the following necessity items brought or mailed in.

Winter Coat
Stocking or Baseball Cap
(no tanks or sleeveless shirts)
Sweat Pants
Sweat Shirts/Hoodies
2Plain Belt
(no oversized buckles)

Long Thermal Underwear

Mid Length Robe
1Knit Sweaters
3Sleeping Cap
(no sandals, open toes, open heels, high heels, or steel-toed shoes)
No. 2 Pencils - must be in a sealed package
(no mechanical or colored)
10Ball Point Pens  - must be in a sealed package (black or blue ink only) - no retractable spring-loaded pens

Non-spiral Notebooks or Loose Leaf Paper

No Limig
Envelopes - with printed prepaid postage only
(No stamps accepted)
No LimitN/AN/A

MonDay has coats available for resident use when needed. It is not necessary to bring in a coat, however; if you bring in your own coat, it must be machine washable and able to be high-heat tumble dried.

Effective March 1, 2019 - Personal hygiene items will no longer be accepted. Envelopes must have printed prepaid postage only, no stamps accepted.