Kiosk & Resident Mail Info


Effective March 1, 2019: We will no longer accept money orders or cashier's checks. Please use the Kiosk machine located in MonDay's lobby for cash deposits or deposit via the internet or phone through the Access Corrections website. Kiosk hours are the same as lobby hours, Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The Kiosk charges a fee and does not accept one-dollar bills.

Deposits can also be made by phone at 866-345-1884 and you will need the following information: 

  1. MonDay Community CI, OH 
  2. Resident's ID number - please call the facility to obtain the Resident's ID Number

Residents are limited to $70 per week for commissary purchases.

Resident Mail

Effective March 18, 2019

To maintain the security and safety of the residents and staff, effective March 18, 2019, all inmate postal mail must be sent to the following address:

Smart Communications - MonDay Community Correctional Institution
Resident Name - ID Number
P.O. Box 9139
Seminole, FL 33775-9139

The Resident's Name and ID number must be clearly printed on the outside of the envelope or postcard to ensure the mail is posted to the correct account. Mail not containing the resident ID Number and Name will be "Returned to Sender". Please call the facility at 937-496-7300 to obtain the Resident ID Number.

All regular resident postal mail (Postcards, Letters, Greeting Cards, etc.) will be scanned into the system and available to the residents to view their postal mail via the resident kiosks.

Upon release, residents can log in to the public website and enter their resident number and password and download their Photos, Messages, and Postal Mail for free.

Please Note: Legal Mail, Court Documents, Bank Statements, and Publications will continue to be sent to the facility directly.