Medical Assistance

Medicaid Notice: Ohio will resume normal eligibility and enrollment operations on April 1, 2023. Read this FAQ guide (PDF) for more information.

Family Assistance

Several Types of Medical Assistance Available

Check your eligibility and apply for benefits through Ohio's Self-Service Portal

There are several different types of medical assistance available for those who qualify. The most common is basic Medicaid, and rules put in place in December of 2013 expanded eligibility for Medicaid. Those who do not qualify for Medicaid will be directed to the Federally Facilitated Marketplace, where they may qualify for some type of discounted coverage.

Aged, Blind and Disabled persons may qualify for coverage under different criteria than basic Medicaid recipients. There is also Nursing Home Medicaid, which is best facilitated by the nursing home chosen. Lastly, one can apply for Medicaid Waiver services if they meet financial criteria and can prove a need for home-based care.

Visit these pages to learn more about each type of Medicaid coverage, and you can also explore assistance for transportation to medical appointments and pharmacy pickups through the Non-Emergency Transportation program.