2023 Property Value Update

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In 2023, the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office is required by the state to conduct a “triennial” update of property values. We are adjusting values based on the prices of recent real estate sales in each neighborhood.

Home prices in Montgomery County have been off the charts, and now our property values are catching up to the robust real estate market seen across the state and the country. As a result of these record-setting sales prices, property owners should expect to see record-setting property value increases with this update.

Notices of tentative new property values will be sent to most Montgomery County property owners in Summer 2023. If a property owner disagrees with their tentative new value, we invite them to schedule an informal review session with our office to discuss their property in detail. These meetings will take place in late summer or early fall. 

If you have questions about your tentative value, please call our Property Owner Hotline at 937-224-8927.

Spanish language assistance is available by contacting Stephanie Patino-Garfias, community engagement specialist, at 937-225-4855 or [email protected]

Asistencia en español está disponible comunicándose con Stephanie Patino-Garfias, especialista en participación comunitaria, al 937-225-4855 o [email protected].

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