Marriage Certificate

There are three methods to obtain a certified copy of your marriage record.

Kindly fill out a Marriage License Certified Copy Order Form (PDF) and bring it with you. Certified copies of marriage records are $2 each.

  1. Come to the office where you received your marriage license at 41 N Perry Street, 2nd Floor, Dayton, OH 45402.
  2. Request a copy by mail by filling out and sending in a Marriage license Certified Copy Order Form, Marriage License Certified Copy Order Form (PDF) a self-addressed, stamped return envelope along with a certified check or money order or cash for $2 for each copy requested. Mail request to Montgomery County Marriage License Department, 41 N Perry Street, 2nd Floor, Dayton, OH 45422-2155.
  3. Request a copy online using a credit card if all of the following are true:
    1. Your marriage license was obtained in Montgomery County, Ohio.
    2. You know the exact date of your marriage ceremony.

Orders for marriage records made via the website are usually mailed within 72 hours of their receipt.

If the Court does not find a record for you here, your money will not be refunded. If you are unsure of the answers to any of the questions asked above, please use option Number 2 - request by mail.

For marriages after 2002, kindly check our case search function to confirm that your return was recorded before placing an order. Should a problem arise with your order, you will be contacted by telephone or email.

The cost is $3.50 for each copy, this is a convenience fee per transaction.

Effective December 1, 2020 fees have increased to use a credit or debit card or E-check. The cost are:

  • 2.3% for credit cards with a minimum of $2
  • $2.95 for debit cards
  • $.50 for ach
  • $1.50 postage and handling fee up to 4 copies

You must include the postage in your request or we can not send out your copies. Access the Certified Copies and Payment.