Water & Sewer Rates

At Montgomery County Environmental Services, we pride ourselves on providing high-qualityUtility Workers Outside at ArthurPlat Water Main Replacement. water and sewer services to our citizens at the lowest cost possible. Our system includes buried infrastructure, such as water and sewer lines, as well as aboveground infrastructure, such as water towers, pump stations, and wastewater treatment plants.

Rate revenues must cover the cost to operate the water and sewer systems, maintaining the infrastructure, and investing in necessary capital improvement projects. These funds also help to cover the cost to purchase drinking water from the City of Dayton, pay for wastewater treatment at other facilities, and comply with regulations. The cost to maintain and operate this large water and sewer system is funded 100% by water and sewer rates, not tax dollars. Read more about some of our current and planned capital projects.

Most of our underground water and sewer infrastructure is more than 50 years old. Our two wastewater treatment plants were built about 40 years ago. As our infrastructure ages, it becomes more expensive to maintain and it needs to be upgraded or replaced. We must invest in our water and sewer systems to ensure public safety and reliable services.

In 2018, Montgomery County implemented a new rate structure that included a Capital Charge Fee. This new fee will help provide stable funding to maintain and upgrade our aging system, as well as ensure long-term reliability and safety for our customers.

For more information, you can download a copy of our 2018 Water and Sewer Rates Fact Sheet (PDF).

You can also download a copy of our presentation about the 2018 to 2022 capital investment plan, Investing in Your Water and Sewer System (PDF).