Civil & Miscellaneous

Civil Versus Actions

A status conference and a pretrial conference shall be conducted in all versus civil actions. Within 30 days after the answer day, plaintiff's counsel shall set the case with the Court for a status conference.


The Court has sample forms for persons seeking to disinter remains of a decedent and they are available in the Clerk's Office, Room 209, of the Montgomery County Courts Building.

If the decedent died of a contagious or infectious disease, the applicant must obtain a permit from the Board of Health (or other appropriate agency) authorizing the disinterment.

Current costs for disinterment, pages of recording, and filing an affidavit may be found on the Deposit Structure (PDF).

Registration / Certification Medical Licenses in Probate Court

Chiropractors, Podiatrists, and Certified Massage Therapists can have their medical licenses registered in Probate Court. Filing fees may be found on the Deposit Structure (PDF).

Please bring the actual license to the Probate Court between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:15 pm.

Delayed Birth Registration / Birth Certificate Corrections

Should you have questions on either the delayed birth registration or birth certificate corrections, please contact the Probate Court, Clerk's Division.