Safety & Risk Management

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Montgomery County Safety and Risk Management are responsible for the development of countywide safety, risk management, and loss prevention programs. The division provides overall coordination and support of safety, loss prevention, and claims administration programs in Montgomery County. We administer workers' compensation and property and casualty claims for all Montgomery County departments and offices, as well as the purchase of property and liability insurance.

About Us

The mission of the Risk Management Department is to enhance public and employee safety and provide responsible stewardship of taxpayer money, protecting county assets and value through the prudent use of risk management and insurance programs, safety/loss control techniques, and effective claims management.

The Four Components of Risk Management

Risk Identification

  • Conduct site visits
  • Analyze claims to identify loss drivers
  • Conduct departmental interviews

Risk Evaluation

  • Utilize risk assessment survey
  • Retention level analysis
  • Risk transfer versus risk assumption analysis
  • Benchmarking reports

Risk Control

  • Develop targeted loss control programs for key identified loss drivers
  • Develop training programs as appropriate
  • Implement a claims management process

Risk Finance

  • Accounting reserve analysis
  • Cost allocation/incentive systems
  • Claim reserve analysis
  • Ongoing insurance program review