A Note to Victims

Returning Citizens come in many different shapes and sizes. In fact, there is great variety in the nature of the crimes they've committed. These crimes often produce profound wounds in their victims, who are our parents, spouses, siblings, children, friends, and neighbors.

The Montgomery County Office of Reentry stakeholders spent significant time contemplating the impact of these crimes, and the glaring fact that they were committed by the very people we aim to serve through this initiative. The Montgomery County Office of Reentry wishes to formally acknowledge the impact that these crimes have had on not just the victims themselves, but their families, and sometimes their entire communities. Some of these crimes have created unpleasant, and sometimes atrocious, situations that the victims had to succumb to and endure at the hands of the offenders. And for this, the Office of Reentry wishes to express its sincere compassion and empathy to all people who have been victimized.

Our initiatives are in no way meant to minimize the impact these crimes have had on the victims. We simply choose to put forth efforts that will make our homes, neighborhoods, and communities a safer place to live for future generations and to assure that these crimes will significantly decrease over years to come.

Office of Reentry Stakeholders