Rental Housing Resources

The Montgomery County Rental Resource page is meant to assist our residents in navigating rental housing in our community. Our community is full of useful resources for those who are in need and we want to ensure that every resident is aware of the services that are available to them. While our staff researched each resource included, the Montgomery County Human Services Planning and Development Department does not endorse nor guarantee the quality of services offered by the service providers listed on this website. If you are aware of any housing resources that may be of help to your fellow community members, or you notice one of the resources listed is no longer working, please email your recommendations and we will do our best to review the list.

Finding Housing

Rental Assistance

Financial Resources

  • Utility Assistance Programs - Provides links for utility assistance programs. These programs will provide financial assistance with bills for your energy, heat, AC, telephone, and more
  • MVCAP Financial and Legal Services - Miami Valley Community Action Partnership will provide free counseling for those that need assistance with credit repair, budgeting, foreclosure prevention, and more
    • 719 S Main Street
      Dayton, OH 45402
      Phone: 937-341-5000


      Monday through Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm
      Saturday through Sunday: Closed
  • Phone Service Assistance - Qualifying households can apply for free phone service that will allow them to stay connected in the community
  • Emergency Broadband Assistance - Emergency broadband benefits allow eligible families to apply for discounts on computers, laptops, and tablets, as well as a discount on their monthly internet bill
  • Monthly Budget Worksheet - Create a monthly budget to help you keep track of finances

Legal Resources & Tenant / Landlord Mediation

  • Ohio Legal Help - Provides legal information, forms, and lawyers for those struggling with housing issues
  • Dayton Mediation Center - Provides free conflict mediation services between landlord and tenant
    • 371 W Second Street 3rd Floor
      Dayton, OH 45402
      Phone Number: 937-333-2345


      Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm
      Saturday: 9 am to 12:30 pm
      Sunday: Closed
  • Ohio Fair Housing Laws - Provides background on who is protected under Ohio's Fair Housing Laws
  • Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity - File a discriminatory complaint if your rights have been violated
  • Ohio Tenant and Landlord Law - Know the rights and responsibilities of you and your landlord
  • Rules for Breaking a Lease in Ohio - Learn how to appropriately break your lease
  • Guide to Rent Escrow - Those who meet the qualifications listed on this guide may find it helpful to put their rent into escrow. Escrow is when the local municipal court will hold your rent if your landlord has violated Ohio landlord/tenant law. Follow the steps on this guide to ensure that you can legally apply for rent escrow.

Repair Assistance

MVCAP Weatherization Services - Community Action Partnership's program provides weatherization services to renters and homeowners in order to improve the energy efficiency of their home

Subleasing Resources

Subleasing is when a tenant stays on their lease but decides to rent out part of or all of their rental unit to another person. Someone might sublease their apartment if they will be gone for a short period of time but want to return to the same unit upon their arrival, or if their roommate moves out and they need a replacement. While subleasing is legal, it is important to ask for permission from your landlord and take the necessary steps to ensure you are subleasing safely.

  • Letter Template for Requesting to Sublease - Use this template to ask your landlord for permission to sublease your rental unit (All red text represents sections you will need to re-type and personalize for your own use)
  • Sample Sublease Agreement - Once your landlord has approved you to sublease, use this sample sublease agreement to create a lease between you and your sublessee

Additional Resources for Renters

  • Housing Information Line - The Ohio Housing Information line will provide advice and guidance on all things housing related
  • Roommate Agreement Worksheet - Use this form to help navigate living with a roommate
  • Move-in Checklist - Upon moving into your new rental home you should complete this worksheet with your landlord to ensure that you have a record of the condition of the unit
  • Moving Out Checklist - This checklist ensures you finish all tasks that need to be completed before moving out