Landlord Resources

The Montgomery County Housing Provider Resource page is meant to assist local housing providers with their operations. Our community has many resources that can benefit housing providers, and we also encourage them to become familiar with the list of tenant resources for tenants who may be in need of additional assistance. We want to ensure that every resident is aware of the services that are available to them. While our staff researched each resource included, the Montgomery County Human Services Planning and Development Department does not endorse nor guarantee the quality of services offered by the service providers listed in this booklet. If you are aware of any housing or landlord resources that may be of help to your fellow community members, or you notice one of the resources listed is no longer working, please email your recommendations and we will review the list.

We would also like to acknowledge the special role that housing providers play in our community. Thank you for providing homes for the families of our community to grow, play, and love in. We hope these resources assist you as you work to support our neighbors.

Tenant Conflicts

Dayton Mediation Center - Landlord/tenant mediation services. Available for free for City of Dayton residents and Dayton Municipal Court referrals.

Help with Rent or Utilities

Tenant Resources - A list of resources your tenants can access if they require additional assistance, including rental, utility, phone, and broadband programs.

List Your Units

Housing Provider Requirements