How the County Pays

After the purchase order has been awarded to a vendor, four steps remain before the transaction is completed. 

  1. Delivery and acceptance of goods or services.
  2. Report of receipt of goods or services by using an agency.
  3. Billing by the vendor.
  4. Payment by the County.


All shipments to Montgomery County must be made to the locations designated on the purchase order. Deliveries may be required to be made to different departments and divisions located in the various parts of the County.

Shipments that are addressed to the wrong department or have unclear addresses may be refused or returned for clarification. The purchase order number must appear on the shipping or delivery ticket. Failure to meet specified delivery schedules may result in the cancellation of the order.

Partial Deliveries

A delivery normally must be made in the exact quantity called for on the purchase order. Partial deliveries, however, are required and accepted in some instances. The County will make payment on partial deliveries when:

1) a contract for the supply of goods, commodities, or contractual services extends over a period of months or

2) a discount is offered on the partial shipment. In most other instances the County will withhold payment on partial shipments until the vendor completes the full delivery or the quantity called for on the purchase order.

In the case of any partial delivery, the shipping ticket and invoices must indicate the quantity being delivered and not the quantity ordered by the County. The quantity back-order should be shown in the appropriate column, clearly marked.

Vendor's Invoices

In order to receive payment for goods or services furnished to Montgomery County, the vendor is required to submit an original invoice to the Montgomery County department that received the merchandise or services, 451 West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio 45422, an original and one copy of an invoice for his goods or services.

Invoices must show: 

  1. County purchase order number.
  2. Department and address to whom delivery was made.
  3. Complete descriptions of the goods or services furnished.
  4. Quantity.
  5. Unit prices and extensions.
  6. The discount terms.
  7. Remit name and address.

In addition, the invoice should include the vendor's invoice number. Montgomery County is tax-exempt. A Tax Exempt form will be furnished upon request.


The vendor receives payment from the County after delivery and acceptance of the goods, commodities, or services, and after he/she has submitted an original and one copy of an invoice for his/her goods or services to the department for approval of the invoice is sent to Purchasing where the invoice is matched with the County's copy of the purchase order. The County Auditor's office then issues a warrant for the amount due to the vendor. Payment is made usually within 30 days, after receipt of the invoice.