Bidding Procedures

Specific bidding procedures have been established by the County to conform with the requirements established by law and to provide for uniform treatment of all vendors. Small businesses and minority business enterprises are also encouraged to participate in bidding procedures.

It is important for each vendor to be familiar with these requirements and follow them. The purchasing procedures, including these requirements, are discussed in the following sections of this handbook.

Notice of Invitation To Bid

The process of purchasing by formal competitive bids is initiated by Montgomery County. A notice to bid is published in the legal notices of a newspaper of general circulation within the County. Any minority or small business enterprise pursuant to any invitation to Bid, advertisement, or solicitation, will be given full opportunity to submit bids and/or proposals and will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, sex, physical handicap, or national origin in consideration of an award.

Vendor Source File

The purchasing department maintains a vendor source file which is comprised of all vendors which have bid on any item/service or have requested to be included in this file. The file is kept by item/service, so the single company may be listed in the file in various categories.

Application for placement on a Bidder's list may be made in person at the purchasing department or by letter.

Two Very Important Items to Remember

  1. After three no replies on consecutive bid requests, your company name will be dropped from our files.
  2. Your company is responsible for advising us of any change of address. If we receive a bid request back from the post office stating "wrong address", your company will be dropped from the source file.


One of the most important factors in determining what the County buys is the quality requirement of the using department or division. This quality requirement is not necessarily the best nor the cheapest of a particular commodity. The County determines quality by need - that is, the items that are both economical and best suited for the particular use to which they will be put.

The quality required of an item or service is stipulated in a specification. Frequently, these specifications become quite technical; in other circumstances, a "brand name" may be used. In either case, the specifications are an expression of the quality required and not a preference for a particular name-brand item. Vendors with products meeting or exceeding the quality requirements are invited to bid even though the brand name of their products may not be mentioned in the specifications. In certain rare instances, a special brand name and model number may be required due to reasons of compatibility with existing equipment. In these cases, only that item will be accepted.

Specifications are usually mailed with Notices of Invitation to Bid. They are also available in the Purchasing Department, and interested vendors are invited to request copies. A request in person, by telephone, or by mail will bring a copy of the specifications to you by return mail.

The Purchasing Department welcomes at any time vendors' suggestions for improving either specifications or purchasing procedures.


Proposals must be submitted on the proposal form furnished by the county. Completion of the proposal form constitutes the most convenient method for both the vendor and the County. If a vendor cannot bid on all items, he should mark the items on which he is not bidding with the words "No Bid". Alternate bids and/or equal may be considered on any bid submitted. The brand names and model numbers must always be shown when alternates are bid. Care should be taken that all amounts on the proposal are correct. Extensions should be double-checked to ensure their accuracy.

In case of a difference between the unit prices and extended totals in a proposal, the unit price shall govern. In case of a difference between written words and figures in a proposal, the amount stated in written words shall govern. The proposal must be signed by an appropriate officer or individual or it will not be considered.

Montgomery County welcomes any additional information or literature which pertains to a particular bid and is submitted with said bid even though it is not specifically requested. This will aid us in making a fair and detailed evaluation of all bids received.

Delivery Dates

Vendors should always state the number of working days required before delivery of a product can be made, or they should indicate the specific date upon which delivery will be made. The time required for delivery may be one of the most important considerations in determining who shall be awarded the bid. In this connection, successful bidders will be expected to deliver the materials and/or services they are providing within the specified time. Late delivery of an item that has a critical delivery date may be cause to refuse the shipment when it arrives.

Payment Terms

Bidders must insure that payment terms are specifically stated in their proposal. In a competitive market, the offering of a discount for prompt payment is often a decisive factor as to whether a particular vendor is a low bidder. Cash discounts are always deducted from the base bid in determining the low bidder. The County interprets a percentage discount for payment as "10th day proximo" to mean that a discount will be allowed if the material is accepted and paid by approximately 10th days proximo after receipt of both the product and the vendor's invoice.

Shipping Point

All bids are to be quoted with delivery as specified in the Invitation to Bid, with the bid to include any shipping charges and delivery charges to the specified address. Any variations from this requirement must be clearly covered in the vendor's written proposal.


Vendors should always examine the Invitation to Bid to determine whether they are required to submit samples with a bid. When samples are requested, they will be held until after the award is made unless otherwise specified. if a vendor wishes to submit a sample of his product for trial and use, the product must be presented at no cost or obligation to the County.

Submitting the Bid

All bids must be marked as indicated in the 'Notice of Bids' and mailed or delivered to the Purchasing Department, 451 West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio 45422, or delivered personally to the receptionist in the Purchasing Department. They must be received in the said office before the time stated on the bid request. Bids received after the designated time will be returned unopened and will not be considered.

Bid Bonds & Checks

Bid bonds, and certified or cashier's checks will be required to be submitted with all formal sealed bids. They are required as a guarantee that the successful bidder will accept the order and will agree to perform at the price bid if the order is awarded to him. A bid bond is a surety bond from a recognized surety company.

Empowered to Do Business in the State of Ohio

A bid security check may be either a certified check from any bank or a cashier's check.

A check submitted as bid security by the successful bidder will be retained by the County to serve as both a bid and performance guarantee.

The Ohio Revised Code requires the successful bidder to furnish a performance bond. A performance bond shall be furnished within 72 hours after notification of award in an amount up to 100% of the total bid as specified in the bid documents.

A complete notarized affidavit regarding delinquent personal property taxes in Ohio and a financial interest disclosure form is required to be completed before a contract is awarded to the successful bidder. Blank copies are enclosed with the bid packet.