Bid Opening

All formal bids are opened and read publicly in the Purchasing Department, 9th Floor, County Administration Building, immediately after the deadline for submitting said bids.

The Purchasing Department or representative presides over the bid opening with other representatives of the County in attendance when it is deemed essential. All bids are read aloud unless they are lengthy and itemized. These bids will be read upon request.

A cordial invitation is extended to bidders, salesmen, the press, and the interested public to be present at the bid opening.

Tabulations & Awards

All formal bids are tabulated in the Purchasing Department. Copies of the tabulations will be sent to any vendor upon request by submitting a stamped self-addressed envelope with your bid. Copies are also available in the Purchasing Department.

Anyone may inspect the bids after the award by visiting the Purchasing Department. All formal bids are evaluated by the Purchasing Department and the department or division head. The recommended award is made to the lowest and best responsible bidder by the Purchasing Department.

When a bid states that an offer is made on an "all or none" basis, bids will be tabulated both on the individual items and on the all or none items to find which combination results in the lowest cost to the County and still meet all of the terms of the bid.

If a bidder wishes to appeal an award, he should contact the Purchasing Director and present his appeal either orally or in writing.

After the award has been made, the Purchasing Department will issue a purchase order to the successful bidder. The purchase is not consummated until the vendor receives the County's official purchase order and an executed copy of the bid or contract.

Right to Reject Bids

Montgomery County reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any informality in any proposal. Any provision which if changed or waived would effectively change the bid cannot be waived. A required bid bond cannot be waived. The County reserves the right to accept or reject any specific item or group of items, on a bid unless the vendor states that the entire bid or any subgroup must be accepted in total.

If a vendor finds that he has made a mistake in his bid he may correct the error before the date and the time set for opening of the bids. After the bids are opened all bids must stand as submitted for a minimum of sixty days.