Award of Contract

The contract will be awarded to the lowest and/or best qualified responsible bidder complying with the bid specifications and/or scope of work required. One of either two kinds of contract documents will be executed with the successful bidder. The first type of contract consists of the original bidding documents, the bid specifications, and the purchase order. The terms and conditions contained in these three documents constitute the agreement of the parties and shall be binding.

The second type of contract is a standard contract devised by the Montgomery County Purchasing Department with the approval of the Prosecuting Attorney's office. It contains standard clauses governing the Scope of Work, prevailing wages, equal opportunity, default, and damages. This type of contract is used for nearly all competitive bid contracts and involves the provision of labor, materials, and supplies by the vendor.

No contract award to a bidder shall be considered a binding contract without the proper certificate by the County Auditor that the funds are available. (Any contract entered into without such a certificate is void, and no payment may be made on the contract.) This certificate is part of the original Purchase Order which is a component part of each of the above basic kinds of Contracts.