Homeless Solutions

Homeless Solutions

Homeless Solutions Policy Board Chairpersons

Victor McCarley

Dr. Victor McCarley, Behavioral Health Consultant  

Paul Dorsten Photo

Paul Dorsten, Community Volunteer  

Dayton-Kettering-Montgomery County Continuum of Care

Preventing and ending homelessness is the goal of the Dayton-Kettering-Montgomery County Continuum of Care (CoC). The CoC is a network of community stakeholders, both individuals and organizations, who are committed to working towards that goal by:

  • Identifying need for housing and services to end homelessness
  • Coordinating funding for shelter and housing programs
  • Developing an effective system of housing and services
  • Evaluating progress at the community and program level

The CoC invites all interested persons, including people who are currently or formerly homeless, and organizations to become CoC members for 2023. Member benefits and responsibilities include:

  • Participation in two CoC meetings per year to provide input on the homeless system
  • Regular updates on CoC progress
  • Participation in surveys or focus groups as needed
  • Invitation to join Committees or workgroups

Membership Form (PDF)