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Printing/Mailing Services is a support service that designs, prints, copies, and coordinates visual communication jobs related to the operation of the Montgomery County Government and other governmental agencies.

Tips on Submitting Work

Please submit a Printing/Copying Request Form to Printing Services. You can do this over the web in August! In the meantime, you can request these forms from us at 937-225-4014. Please include the requester's name, extension, location, floor, department, and due date. All other pertinent information is to be filled out completely to ensure that the work is completed to your desired specifications.

If You Create...

If you are creating your own job, here are a few things to remember. Send us a PDF of your job or please create your job using the appropriate software. We can accept Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, Publisher, Adobe Indesign, PageMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, or QuarkExpress. Always provide a hard copy of your work with a Printing/Copying Request Form.

If You Don't Have Time to Create

We can design or typeset your job, giving it the professional appearance you desire. We will electronically store your job making it easily accessible for future use. Using our graphic design/typesetting services will free you up to tend to other duties. Email the Design Department or call 937-225-4014.

Check & Double Check

Once your job has been designed, typeset, or submitted, we will return it to you for your final approval. It will be returned to you via email with an attached PDF file for review or by a hard copy through the mail. Please make sure you check for correct grammar, spelling, lines, images, and boxes. Proof carefully. If you "OK" this document it is final! Any changes after this "OK" will incur additional costs.

Take a Number, Please

Printing and copying priorities are assigned in two ways: first-come, first-served, and dated or timely printed material. As you arrange your work calendars and plan events, be aware of the lead time required to have printed/copied materials prepared in time to meet your objectives.

Be careful

Regarding copyright material, get permission from the said owner before using copyright material. When it is impractical to obtain permission, the use of copyrighted material should be avoided unless the doctrine of "fair use" would apply to the situation. If there is any doubt, it is advisable to consult an attorney.

It will be assumed that all necessary clearances have been obtained by the requestor when jobs are submitted to Printing Services.

Mailing Tips

Mailing addresses should be in ALL CAPS in a san-serif type or font (Helvetica, etc.).

When supplying databases for mailing, make sure the column heads are consistent throughout the document.

We can accept data in Excel and CSV formats.

If you supply envelopes to be mailed, either have them sealed or unsealed with flaps out. Do not use tape unless the entire flap edge is taped! No pieces of tape.

We look forward to serving you!