Water Meter Size Decrease

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Customers may request a decrease in water meter size, provided that the customer and his/her plumbing contractor determine that a smaller meter will meet the building or facility water usage needs. All plumbing changes and upgrades related to the new meter size must adhere to Montgomery County Environmental Services Standard Specifications (PDF), and Rules and Regulations (PDF), and may require permits and inspections of completed plumbing work.

Please use our Online Rate Calculator to understand how changing meter sizes will affect your water and sewer bill. You and your plumber may also want to view the AWWA Water Meter Equivalences to help you determine what meter size may be appropriate for your home or business. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to determine what meter size is appropriate for your home or business.

Call our permits group at 937-781-2653 for questions about how to downsize your meter.

Getting Appropriate Permits and Inspections

If you and your plumber determine that you would like to decrease your meter size, you must obtain a permit and have an inspection from Montgomery County, as well as obtain other pertinent permits and inspections from local Plumbing Agencies (e.g., Public Health, local jurisdictions). You may also be required to update the water meter and meter pit to current plumbing specifications, such as moving the meter outside, backflow prevention, or pressure tank installation.

Customer Responsibility for Decreasing Meter Size

When decreasing a property's meter size, customers will be required to pay the cost of the new meter and the meter setting fee. Customers will also need to pay for plumbing work and upgrades that may be required. There will be no refund of connection fees for decreasing meter size.

Some customers will realize long-term financial benefits from downsizing their water meter, but downsizing may require a significant initial investment. This is a business and financial decision that each individual customer and/or business must make for themselves.

It is the customer's responsibility to verify that all appropriate permits have been obtained and that all inspections have been completed per Montgomery County Rules, Regulations, and Specifications. In the event that the customer is not satisfied with the new meter size, Montgomery County will not be held liable for the customer's decision to decrease their meter size.

AWWA Water Meter Equivalences

Meter SizeGallons per MinuteEquiv. RatioMonthly Equiv. kgalMonthly Equiv. CCF
5/8 inch201.008641,155
3/4 inch301.501,2961,733
1 inch502.502,1602,888
1.5 inch1005.004,3205,775
2 inch1608.006,9129,241
3 inch32016.0013,82418,481
4 inch50025,0021,60028,877
6 inch1,00050.0043,20057,754
8 inch1,60080.0069,12092.406
10 inch4,200210.00181,440242,567

Note: This table is meant to be used for reference purposes only.
Water and sewer customers and/or plumbing contractors are ultimately responsible for determining the necessary and appropriate meter size for a given home or business.