Parenting Time Opportunities for Children

Program Offers Visitation Agreement Without Fees

Children tend to be happier and healthier when both parents are involved in their lives, and now there is a free program to establish visitation schedules for non-married parents. Parenting Time Opportunities for Children (PDF) (PTOC) saves eligible parents from having to hire an attorney and paying at least $130 in fees.

PTOC has been nationally recognized for its range of free co-parenting services, including free parent education classes. All child support customers are eligible for Parenting Time Opportunities for Children Benefits (PDF) if they establish a parenting time order or attend at least one parent education class. A support order is not required to be eligible for PTOC benefits.

You can view our Current Parent Education Options (PDF).

Parents who attend at least one class get complimentary access to a menu of supportive services available through our partners, Catholic Social Services and Help Me Grow Brighter Futures (PDF), in addition to all other PTOC benefits.

Who is eligible for PTOC services?

  • Unmarried parents establishing a first child support order for at least one child
  • Cases where both parents want to participate
  • Cases where there is no prior report of family violence or indications of safety concerns.

Parents will be provided a link to the Montgomery County Juvenile Court's Standard Order of Parenting Time (PDF) and Phase In Parenting Time Order (PDF) along with their hearing notice. Both parties will complete an application when they arrive for their support hearing to determine if they are interested and eligible for PTOC. If both parents are eligible, they are offered a chance to establish a standard or 'phase in' parenting time order at their hearing.

Montgomery County's PTOC program is the only one in Ohio that offers the following:

  • An opportunity to create a customized parenting time agreement with the help of the Dayton Mediation Center
  • A chance to create a parenting time order for multiple children, even for children who already have a Juvenile Court support order, so long as they are establishing a new support order for at least one other child

Parenting time is important. Children are better off when both parents are involved in their lives. They are:

  • 5 times less likely to live in poverty
  • 3 times less likely to fail in school
  • 2 times less likely to develop emotional or behavioral problems
  • 2 times less likely to abuse drugs or be abused or neglected
  • 3 times less likely to commit suicide

Parents involved with their children are more likely to pay child support and stay involved with their children. Structured parenting time can help both parents manage their co-parenting relationship while reducing conflict and confusion that can harm their children.

Each PTOC participant will receive our 12-page Co-Parenting Guide (PDF), filled with helpful tips on successfully raising children when you are not living with the other parent. Additional helpful information is available in the Ohio Supreme Court's Planning for Parenting Time Guide (PDF).

Those who are not eligible for PTOC but still want parenting time can complete Montgomery County Juvenile Court Pro Se Forms.

For more information on PTOC, call 937-225-4600 or check out our Child Support Enforcement Agency page to chat online with a child support specialist. You can also send questions to PTOC email account.