Fatherhood Program

Engaging Fathers, Linking them to Resources

Children do best when both parents are positively involved in their lives. Those who don't spend significant time with their fathers can suffer many consequences, including:

  • Five times more likely to live in poverty
  • Three times more likely to fail in school
  • Three times more likely to commit suicide
  • Two times more likely to abuse drugs

We offer a Fatherhood Program dedicated to engaging fathers and helping them play an important role in their children's lives. The program links fathers with resources to give kids a better chance. We can help secure:

  • Employment: With our Seek Work Program, we connect dads with one-on-one employment help so they can get jobs and provide support.
  • Visitation Help: Our Fatherhood Program Coordinator can link dads with the Volunteer Lawyers Project so they can file legal paperwork to establish visitation at minimal cost.
  • License Reinstatement: We can help with getting license suspensions lifted and removed from a person's driving record after their license has been reinstated.
  • Compromise or Removal of Past Due Support: We have the authority to negotiate a compromise or complete a waiver of past due support.
  • Overcome Barriers from a Prior Conviction: Criminal convictions can restrict access to jobs, housing and education. We can help you understand and overcome these barriers through Certificates of Employability.
  • Job and Family Services Program Information: If you are a Child Support, Public Assistance, Workforce Development or Children Services customer, we can help you navigate the system and get questions answered.

Fathers have a big impact on the lives of their children. They need to know that someone is advocating for them. For more information, call Fatherhood Program Coordinator Michael Newsom at 937-496-7569 or check out recent activities in our Fatherhood Quarterly newsletter.