Career Opportunities

Montgomery County Environmental Services seeks to employ talented individuals who share our core values - Leadership, Customer Service, Communication, Credibility, Relationships, Empowerment, and Safety. We hire for positions as varied as Lab Technicians, Sewer and Water Workers, Customer Service Representatives, and Engineers.

Our open positions are posted online at the Montgomery County Human Resources Department. Please visit their website to review open positions and submit an application.


If you are interested in becoming an intern with Montgomery County Environmental Services, we have an internship program for qualified applicants. Any full-time student who is currently enrolled at an accredited institution of higher learning is eligible to apply for the internship program. We hire all of our interns through the Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education's (SOCHE) SOCHE Intern program. Please visit their website to review positions and openings.

For more information about internships at Montgomery County Environmental Services, please contact 937-781-2636.