Services for Families

CARE House

CARE House, a Children's Advocacy Center, is a partnership between Dayton Children's Hospital, theFamily Birthday Dayton Police Department, Montgomery County's Children Services Division, the Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office, and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. The mission of CARE House is to provide a team response to child abuse through prevention, intervention, and advocacy.


Post Adoption Special Services Subsidy helps Ohio families meet the special needs of their adoptive children after finalization. It is available to all adoptive families of special needs children (except step-parent adoptions). The special needs must have existed prior to adoption finalization or be attributed to factors in the child's pre-adoptive background. Each child may be eligible for additional monetary support each year based on their therapeutic needs.

There is no fixed income limit for PASSS, but the child must require a service that is beyond the family's ability to provide. Therefore, even if you have a good income, if the cost of service is beyond your economic resources, you may be able to receive assistance. View the Adoption Subsidies Guide (PDF).

Post-Adoption Support Group

We offer a Post-Adoption Support Group to help families share resources and offer advice. The group meets on the last Thursday of each month from January through October, and child care is provided.

Crisis Intervention

We protect children and help families during critical times with agency assistance, intervention, or information and referral services (mental health, chemical dependency, domestic violence, and other community resources).

Training and LicensingFather and Son Smiling

A three-hour informational meeting begins the process for those interested in foster care and/or adoption. These meetings are immediately followed by the first session of a required 36-hour training program. All the training is offered free of charge.

Reunification Services

We strive to make counseling and other resources available to facilitate the reunification of families.

Permanency Planning

The agency strives to preserve families and return children to their parents. When that is not possible, we seek to find stable homes for children with relatives or other responsible parties who can care for the child.

Ombudsperson - FAIR

FAIR is our Family Advocacy Intervention and Review Program at Montgomery County Children Services. FAIR acts as an internal ombudsman to ensure that families are receiving the service they are entitled to.

When Should You Call Fair?

  • If you believe you have been discriminated against on the basis of religion, race, national origin, gender, age, lifestyle, or handicap
  • If you feel you have been treated unfairly
  • If you have been denied a service you believe you should receive
  • If you have questions that cannot be resolved through normal channels
  • If you need information concerning closed records of emancipated youth, finalized agency adoptions, or closed cases
  • If you wish to appeal an Intake Disposition

Visitation Center

We offer a supportive, safe, and comfortable environment for children and their families to spend valuable time together while preserving and strengthening their relationships. Orientation is provided to teach parents about the importance of visitation, what to expect, and rules and guidelines for successful visits.

Kinship Care

Kinship Care provides financial support for minor children in the legal and physical custody of grandparents, relatives, or other "kinship" caregivers. Kinship caregivers are defined by Ohio law as "any relative or non-relative adult who has a long-standing relationship or bond with the child and/or family."

Families can apply to receive money for each child every six months for up to 48 months and a maximum of eight payments. For additional details, go to the Kinship Caregiver Coalition website or view information from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Note: You can call 937-224-KIDS (5437) for more information on these services.