Foster Care & Adoption

Foster parents are people who provide a caring temporary home environment for children unable to lDad with two girls.ive with their birth families. Foster parents can be married or single; renters or homeowners; with or without children of their own; and can also work outside the home.

A foster child is one whose own parents are physically or emotionally unable to provide for the child's needs. The child may have been abused, neglected or abandoned and often has experienced physical, emotional, or social deprivation. Children needing foster care come from all races and range in age from birth to 18.

Adoption is the method by which adults become legal parents of children not born to them. Children available for adoption come into permanent custody of Children Services when a court determines that their birth parents cannot care for the child's needs and will never be able to. These children may have been abused, neglected, abandoned, or have special needs.

Call Children Services at Call: 937-276-1647 for more information. Staff will be happy to answer any questions you have, send you additional information and/or invite you to the next meeting for prospective foster parents.

JFS customers can use a credit/debit card to submit past-due fraud, adoption assistance, or foster care payments online. Point and Pay is a third-party vendor and will collect a 2.5% processing fee or a minimum fee of $2. To make a payment, visit the Point and Pay website

Montgomery County Children Services.