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Your Montgomery County Child Support Enforcement Agency welcomes you. This page is dedicated to addressing questions you may have concerning your role as an employer in the child support process.

In Ohio, the Child Support Program is state supervised and county administered. Many helpful details are available through the Ohio Employers Resource Guide to Child Support (PDF).

Why should employers be involved with Child Support?

Complying with this law will benefit all of us:

  • Income withholding is a successful, efficient tool for collecting support: Employers submit nearly 73% of all funds collected on behalf of Ohio's children!
  • Stable, reliable workforce: When parents know their children are getting the necessities of life and are well cared for, the workplace results are less absenteeism and higher productivity.
  • Taxpayer savings: The New Hire Reporting program will reduce government spending by increasing child support collections for families who would otherwise be forced to seek public assistance.
  • Healthy children: Children who might otherwise not be covered under a medical insurance plan can receive vital and preventative medical attention if they are receiving medical support through an employee's medical plan.
  • A stronger sense of community: When a non-custodial parent provides a child with regular financial, medical and emotional support, the bonds that form can enrich the entire community.

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