Montgomery County Children Services believes siblings share a unique and irreplaceable connection, providing each other with a sense of familiarity, comfort and companionship. Adopting a sibling group together promotes stability and allows children to navigate a new family environment with a built-in support system and shared history that will be invaluable throughout their lives. 

If you’re interested in learning more about any featured siblings below and have already completed licensing to be a resource family, please contact Kelcie Paxon, Jaskiran Kaur or Lesley Keown.

If you’re interested in becoming licensed to foster or adopt, please contact Shamesha Brown, Dan Deisher or Patricia Hodgson.

Montgomery County Children Services hosts information meetings about fostering and adoption every month. You can see the schedule and register to attend a meeting by clicking here.

Parishae, Prince, Princess and Promise

Parishae loves to dance and create dance routines with  her sisters.  Parishae is interested in gymnastics and doing flips. She loves doing flips on the trampoline, but will also perform flips on the ground. She is smart and fun and loves to eat and play with her siblings. 

Prince loves to play games on his tablet. He loves to play alone but also gets along well with others.  He likes good food. He’s passionate about having a family.  Prince likes math but not reading so much. 

Princess loves to flip and play on the trampoline. She loves playing with her siblings and creating dance routines. Princess is very fun, loving, and interested in having a forever family. She is very helpful around the house and loves to help fold laundry and put up clothes. 

Promise is very smart and loves school. She’s creative and artistic. She loves to stay busy with her projects and is very good at it. Promise loves to play on the trampoline with her sisters.

Watch their video below:

Deon'dra and Taniyah

Deon’dra and Taniyah are beautiful twins. They like to be called TT and DD. They are interested in being adopted but wants to be adopted together. They love one another and are so bonded that one can’t do too much without the other. They love to laugh and enjoys playing games. They love to be around others. Both are loving and express lots of love. They both like to hug.  Both girls like to travel and ride amusement park rides. They enjoy dressing a like.

Watch their video below: