Strategic Plan


The Court strengthens our community by protecting and supporting individuals and families through the achievement of impartial justice under the law.


The Court is a

  • trusted champion of fair and accessible justice;
  • highly effective, dynamic, and cohesive team that leads with innovation and vigilance;
  • pillar of transparency resulting in genuine accountability;
  • guardian of public resources;
  • partner and leader with local, state, and federal stakeholders; and 
  • model probate court.


We Value:

  • Integrity/ Trustworthiness:  abiding by honesty, fairness, impartiality, and transparency in the administration of justice.
  • Excellence of Work Product:  adhering to the highest standards in jurisprudence including accuracy, consistency, and expediency resulting in well-reasoned and supported decisions. 
  • Accountability:  ensuring rigorous enforcement of legal rules, ethics, and appropriate use of public resources, which are measurable and applicable to all Court staff, case participants and stakeholders.  
  • Leadership: delivering bold, innovative, and proactive service that is forward-looking and collaborative.   
  • Effective Communication:  transmitting clear, consistent, precise, and current messaging that includes courteous dialogue and accessible platforms for the sharing of information.  
  • Respect:  fostering an open environment wherein people and processes are treated with consideration, dignity, and civility, while advancing equal justice under the law.


We deliver prompt, consistent, courteous, and precise service under the law.  We vigorously pursue the administration of justice by addressing the needs of the community through transparency, dedication, innovation, and accountability.

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